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improve the user list

Posted By: vasil_michev

improve the user list - 27/01/04 01:08 PM

I know this is not supposed to occur, but if you have more than one entry in the user list for the same address, and with different levels, $level(address) returns the first one (the one which is placed above the other) no matter of the levels

the problem is that it happens also with wildcard addresses, for example:
here $level(MrProper!DelOpm@del.html.chat) returns ircop

and here it returns 55

this also happens when the levels are both numerical, and both alpha
anyone can see that these entries are not the same, and that the address matches them both
So I'm asking for a way to prioritize this, for example if the user entry contains the nickname it is the right one to be returned. in the example I gave it will always return "ircop". fulladdresses should be preffered compared to wildcard addresses

Another thing I would like to see - option which will determine whether named levels are greater then numerical ones
Posted By: sparta

Re: improve the user list - 27/01/04 02:25 PM

then you add the user with 55,77 after that it will reply to both..
Posted By: vasil_michev

Re: improve the user list - 27/01/04 05:28 PM

that's what I do, I add the specific user, not the entire domain, but as you can see from the example there's no use of that
and I don't want the entire domain to have that level

perhaps $level(address,N) where N is the matching entry...
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