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Choose nickname in connect line

Posted By: PeterB

Choose nickname in connect line - 08/12/03 12:53 PM

When connecting to multiple servers (bouncers in my case), it would be good to specify a prefered nickname in the /server connect line.

eg. your remote:

/server bouncer1 password1 nicknameA
/server -m bouncer2 password2 NicknameA
/server -m bouncer2 password2 Nickname B

Actually, this is the case i have. Im connecting to 3 servers with 1 client. server 2 and 3 are the same server, but connected with 2 different bouncers. i would like to use 2 different nicknames on those servers, without getting the automaticly namechange you get (remembered last used nick). i get override older nick and get killed from the server, and the 1st and 2nd connect takes the nickname the 3rd connect should have.

Thats why it might be a suggestion to let the user add another parameter in connect line, which is the nickname.

(maybe you can do it another way round? would be good to know then, thx)
Posted By: qwerty

Re: Choose nickname in connect line - 08/12/03 12:56 PM

It's already possible, with the -i switch. Type /help /server and read.
Posted By: PeterB

Re: Choose nickname in connect line - 09/12/03 09:19 PM

you're so right, im so stupid wink i was searching for it, but couldnt find it, didnt search at /server area :s

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