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Treeview Switchbar

Posted By: xemacs

Treeview Switchbar - 13/01/03 12:08 AM

a switchbar like this one opionally

ive done it with MRC and a few DLLs , but its still bugged and hasnt the perfomance like a built in switchbar.

would be a REALY nice feature , please do it =)
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: Treeview Switchbar - 13/01/03 12:52 PM

I'd only like to see it as an option, not necessarily to fully replace the current one.
Posted By: codemastr

Re: Treeview Switchbar - 13/01/03 06:37 PM

I personally hate the idea, the multi-line switchbar imho takes up too much room, that treeview takes up even more room...
Posted By: Sainty

Re: Treeview Switchbar - 05/09/03 01:25 AM

I have tired to make a scripted treeview switchbar but I also found it that it was not possible to make it as robust as the build in one. So a treeview switchbar option I think would be excellent grin
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