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Scrolling for the switchBar

Posted By: daffyduck

Scrolling for the switchBar - 28/11/03 11:07 PM

Hi, I like having my switchbar on the right side, but when i have too many channels open, it would fill it up and then i can't look at the rest. Cuz it goes beyond the bottom, and i can't scroll down to the other switchbar buttons. So i think adding a scroll to the switch bar would be GREAT!.
Posted By: Adler

Re: Scrolling for the switchBar - 02/12/03 09:34 AM

i agree, i have the same problem
(and i have posted this before)

But if you press control + alt and click at an statuswindow minizes all channels on this network an you see little more channels ;-)
But i think a scrollbar on right or left are usefull....
or an parameter on /server alias for minizesing the channels/querys (the same as control + alt)

I know i could do this with while like control + alt, but if i connect to 10 networks and do the whiles, mirc would be laggy and i must enter a aliases to undo this.
Posted By: Mofojuice

Re: Scrolling for the switchBar - 02/12/03 07:33 PM

Yeah, i'd also like a scrollbar for the switchbar. It would also be great if you could resize it too =/
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Scrolling for the switchBar - 03/12/03 10:40 AM

there have been dozens of threads about this ;-]

try the search option

there are also scripted solutions, like a tree view (like with windows explorer) or hiding buttons of channels/queries/etc which you just idle in
Posted By: Viper007Bond

Re: Scrolling for the switchBar - 07/12/03 07:45 AM

I actually would rather be able to drag the bar and make it wider, like two collumns instead of having a scroll bar.
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