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SNOTICE option

Posted By: _Miki_

SNOTICE option - 14/11/03 11:48 PM

as there is an option to show notices in active or not, if there was an option notice and snotice seperately, it would be great.
Posted By: Marantz

Re: SNOTICE option - 16/11/03 07:06 PM

you could use the following events to change the outcome
on ^1:SNOTICE:*:{
on ^1:NOTICE:*:#:{
on ^1:NOTICE:*:?:{
Posted By: _Miki_

Re: SNOTICE option - 03/12/03 09:29 AM

Dear Marantz
1) sotice is not notice, and the handler cat help in anywy.
2) thi s feature request, handeling the stuff is not the point.
as noticehas an option its a uniform approach to have an option for where the snotice apears

Posted By: katsklaw

Re: SNOTICE option - 04/12/03 06:38 PM

on *:snotice:*:echo $color(notice) -at $1- | haltdef
Posted By: katsklaw

Re: SNOTICE option - 23/12/03 03:39 AM

your title clearly states SNOTICE, hence the SNOTICE answers.
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