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mIRC caching server passwords

Posted By: evil1

mIRC caching server passwords - 14/11/03 06:50 AM

I don't think mIRC should save server passwords. Scenario: i connect to a server protected by a password (using the "/server host port password" command), close mIRC, then someone else comes, starts mIRC, turns debug on and hits the Connect button. Need I say more?
Posted By: Skip

Re: mIRC caching server passwords - 14/11/03 10:42 AM

in addition: You don't even have to (re)start mIRC to find the password, nor do you have to close it to have mIRC save said password. Once the /server command is issued the password can be found in mirc.ini -> mirc -> host (in plain text no less, granted standard IRC servers offer no method of sending encoded passes).

Would be nice to have mIRC only keep this information in memory.
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