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Posted By: logy

channels - 02/11/03 01:49 AM

i want to make a bot for my friend and my channel, and i want to put a command to say all channels where the bot are
Posted By: stimpy

Re: channels - 02/11/03 01:58 AM

You could use the /ame command for it...
Posted By: logy

Re: channels - 02/11/03 02:06 AM

i want to show me the bot all channels, where are, not to say in all channels

ps: sory for my english
Posted By: pheonix

Re: channels - 02/11/03 02:18 AM

alias aecho {
var %i 1, %x
while ($scon(%i)) {
scon %i
%x = 1
while ($chan(%x)) {
echo $chan(%x) bot: $chan(%x) on $scon(%i).server
inc %x
inc %i

Posted By: KingTomato

Re: channels - 02/11/03 07:51 AM

You probably want this, as you metioned a bot command:

on *:TEXT:!channels:#: {
  var %c = 1
  while ($chan(%c)) {
    var %chans = %chans $+ $iif(%c > 1, $chr(44)) $chan(%c)
    /inc %c
  /msg $chan Active Channels: %chans

type !channels
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