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Posted By: ATMA

enabled/disabled - 27/10/03 01:53 AM

yea i know been asking lots of q?s ;p

well to the point how can i when i click on a radio in a dialog make a section be disabled/disabled....? confused
Posted By: Collective

Re: enabled/disabled - 27/10/03 02:01 AM

on *:DIALOG:dname:sclick:id1,id2:{
  if ( $did(id1).state ) {
    did -e $dname id3,id4
  else {
    did -b $dname id3,id4

id1 = "on" radio button
id2 = other radio button
id3,id4 = id's of controls to be enabled/disabled
Posted By: ATMA

Re: enabled/disabled - 27/10/03 02:03 AM

Posted By: cold

Re: enabled/disabled - 27/10/03 03:32 PM

Also, be familiar with $iif(), it's usefully applicable in this case (instead of if+else).
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