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Posted By: baron

command help - 25/10/03 01:19 AM

dklfjdlkjfdlk is not a Registered Nickname. Registered Nicknames are required on this server. Please change to a registered nickname
To become registered, browse

** Disconnected

when i go to chatrealm on irc i get this.....
is there anyway someone can figure out a command that can be done through irc to register the nickname instead of going to that site??
btw this is a chatspace client
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: command help - 25/10/03 08:39 AM

If that were possible, the message would have said so. Therefor it is not possible to register via IRC (you can't connect to the network, so you can never send a registration command).
Posted By: baron

Re: command help - 25/10/03 09:14 AM

but when you go to the site your not actually connected to the network to send the registration so there must be some command taht the site enters and sends to the site to register that name.....
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: command help - 25/10/03 12:31 PM

When you register there, they send you information via email telling you what you need to do next
Posted By: Collective

Re: command help - 25/10/03 01:41 PM

That doesn't make sense.

There is no reason why a website wouldn't be able to add data to a database that is also used by an IRCd/Services program.
Posted By: baron

Re: command help - 25/10/03 11:38 PM

no it does not send confirmation to your email you just pick a nickname...you put in a pass, you confirm your pass and you put your email...and than your done...now i know for a fact there is a simple command for this its just a matter of figureing out what it is....and if this command is figured it out it would save alot of hassle when trying to sign on to chatspace servers with this feature turned on.....i know probably noone has ever asked before, but im crazy lol i was thinking about going to chatspace.com and asking their helpdesk for the coding it enters so im going to try and see that...if i get some good news i'll post it up np for everyone, just keep cracken those skulls guys cuz it is possible
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