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mirc dcc prot

Posted By: iamaloser

mirc dcc prot - 17/10/03 11:14 PM

is there anyway i can automatically kill a person who tries the mirc exploit on me. even if the dcc is blocked?
Posted By: J0ke

Re: mirc dcc prot - 18/10/03 12:19 AM

1. no
2. u can only notify ircop
Posted By: Othello

Re: mirc dcc prot - 18/10/03 04:37 AM

wouldn't it be possible to just put the nick on Ignore or maybe use a program like nukenabber to close the port?
Posted By: Collective

Re: mirc dcc prot - 18/10/03 08:34 AM

How do you now he isn't an IRC Op?

Also you could probably modify one of the exploit detection scripts that has been posted to automatically /kill the nick.
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