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Connection scripts - need help.....

Posted By: gegzy

Connection scripts - need help..... - 16/10/03 11:10 PM

Right, i'm not sure whether i can do this....but - i'm sure you'll be able to tell me smile

I currently have an alias called "/joinchans" which uses the $cid to join the relevant channels for my multi-server set-up.

However, I have to manually go in and connect to the other servers i use once i've connected.

Is it possible to join my other servers on startup of mirc without my manual intervention?

-- Gegzy
Posted By: Sahasrahla

Re: Connection scripts - need help..... - 17/10/03 03:04 AM

What I've done is this:
Set Network1 to automatically connect on startup.

in Network1's "Perform" list, add "/server -m Network2"

and so on, so each time it connects to one server it will link to the next.

I have run into a problem which I'm still working on though: IF you get disconnected from Network1 and it auto-reconnects, it will start the chain reaction again and you'll get double server windows for everything... probably just a simple if() statement will fix it though.
Posted By: Iori

Re: Connection scripts - need help..... - 17/10/03 05:25 AM

See this thread
Posted By: vrenak

Re: Connection scripts - need help..... - 17/10/03 10:30 AM

i automatically join 5 networks myself what i did was put this in the remotes:
on *:start:{
s <network1>
s -m <network2>
s -m <network3>
s -m <network4>
s -m <network5>

u can addend them with -j <channel> of course if you wish or use the | as line separator and have it all on one line
Posted By: pleur

Re: Connection scripts - need help..... - 17/10/03 10:47 AM

i use this:

on *:START:{
vol -w 54564
.nick Guest8525696
server -m irc.server2.org 911
server irc.server1.org 666

on *:CONNECT: {
if ($network == server1) {
If (!$chan(#channel1).status) { join #channe1 }
Elseif ($network == server2) {
.msg SERVERBOT #channel2 LOGIN $nick.norm $$?*="Give pass please"
.nick $nick.norm
If (!$chan(#channel2).status) { join #channel2 }

in this way you can connect to multiple servers, with or without login, joining a channel for a specified server

Hope this helps a bit for ya
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