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Posted By: pheonix

$submenu - 16/10/03 04:21 PM

i still cant $submenu right, anyone know what's wrong with this?
alias sock.schans {
  if ($1 == begin) || ($1 == end) { return - }
  return $sock.chan($1) $+ : .echo -q $sock.chan($1) 
sock.chan { 
  return $comchan($sock(sockbot).mark,$1)
Posted By: Online

Re: $submenu - 16/10/03 04:23 PM

Are you missing the "alias" prefix before "sock.chan {"?
Posted By: pheonix

Re: $submenu - 16/10/03 04:26 PM

LOL thanks, it was the other way around, i had them in alias, not remote so i had to remove 'alias', thanks blush grin
Posted By: Online

Re: $submenu - 16/10/03 04:28 PM

This one was easy wink
Posted By: Gawain

Re: $submenu - 16/10/03 06:07 PM

Yeah, but these errors are so easily overlooked.. they're just TOO easy, so you don't look for them =)
Kind of like dismantling the PC before checking to see if the power's connected!
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