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/scon -a???

Posted By: baron

/scon -a??? - 14/10/03 02:25 PM

yeah ppl i need a lil input here... i got my mp3 player set to display in the active room on the active server right now by using the line..

/scon -a describe $active <command>

but than it takes the active room and searches for that room on every server to display in.....
now i know i can do something like..

/scon <-a | $activecid> describe $active <command>

but it doesnt work for me smirk what am i doing wrong here?.
Posted By: r0ck0

Re: /scon -a??? - 14/10/03 02:40 PM

/scid -t1 $activecid if ($active ischan) describe $active <text>

That will work on $activecid if $active is a channel, if $active is not a channel, it does nothing.

Edit: Added -t1 so it will do nothing if $activecid is not connected to a server.
Posted By: baron

Re: /scon -a??? - 14/10/03 02:46 PM

tyvm smile
Posted By: r0ck0

Re: /scon -a??? - 14/10/03 02:49 PM

yvw smile
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