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Posted By: Excqtor catching pressed keys - 10/12/02 01:15 PM
Is there a possibillity to control irc from another application?
I wanted to write a script that let you talk in mirc while you playing quake3. All i need is something to catch messages that where send to mirc. Some kind of keylogger would do.
Posted By: Sojourn Re: catching pressed keys - 10/12/02 01:28 PM
I don't see how a keylogger would help you do anything you say you're trying to do. You can use DDE commands to control mIRC, and allow mIRC to control other processes...
Posted By: KennyJ Re: catching pressed keys - 10/12/02 11:29 PM
You can write a script that when someone talk to you in private, ctcp, action, notice, then the screen will popup a message. that leave you go to out the quake 3 game and back to mirc
YOu have to set the dialog popup to be ontop of every application.

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