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Posted By: Janus input + 'shortcut's? - 05/01/03 08:50 PM
lo all
i wrote a small script that helps me replacing stuff:

on *:INPUT:*:{
  if ($strip($1-,burck) == brb) { msg $active $chr(3) $+ be right back | halt }
[many more]

so the thing is when i write "brb" theres displayed "be right back" like shown above

but i want to do:
bla bla brb bla bla, but when i do it, brb will not be replaced with the script stuff
is there a way to do this?
Posted By: Janus Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 05/01/03 09:17 PM
ah never mind
found this here
Posted By: Janus Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 05/01/03 10:11 PM
mh but doesnt work properly
mhh soliloquies are kewl wink
Posted By: Merlin Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 06/01/03 08:54 AM
To make an acronymizer, put this in your Remotes (ALT-R):
ON *:INPUT:*:{ 
  IF (/* !iswm $1) { 
    msg $active $replace($1-,brb,Be Right Back,lol,Laughing Out Loud,bbl,Be Back Later,bbiab,Be Back In A Bit,jk,Just Kidding) 

For a more complex Acro script, search this web site.
Posted By: Dingo Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 06/01/03 10:48 AM
and make sure that there are no other on input events in other scripts. i've just completed the same thing with a friend, and he had 2 on input scripts

if there are, it might be better to add the brb bit into that script, so the input event only has to be run once
Posted By: Janus Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 06/01/03 07:59 PM
kewl thx
will test it 2morrow
i just hope when i write 'ka' that there will be 'keine ahnung'
i also hope that when i write 'kannblabla' that there WONT be 'keine ahnungblablabla' wink
will see
heh thx
Posted By: KingTomato Re: input + 'shortcut's? - 06/01/03 11:25 PM
If your still interested, I made a highly customizable one of my own. If you want to download it, its posted on www.kingtomato.com under mirc>>add-ons section. If you want it, but do not want to register, let me know. I would prefer ppl to join, and there is no spam or other e:mails sent to you, other then a 'you have just signed up' notice. If you do want it tho, it can be found at http://www.kingtomato.com/files/chatter_14.zip

any question you can find me at irc.dynamix.com (6667) #king-tomato

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