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Posted By: mancontr

port?? - 16/09/03 11:39 PM

Hello, is there any way to know the local port through i'm connected to the server? not $port, thats the remote one... crazy thanks everyone and sorry for my english... blush
Posted By: KoRn18

Re: port?? - 17/09/03 02:10 AM

ur firewall should tel;l u.... if u got no fire wall... u need to go get one anyway..
Posted By: r0ck0

Re: port?? - 17/09/03 02:14 AM

in mIRC type /run command
once dos window is open, type netstat
Posted By: mancontr

Ouch - 17/09/03 09:05 AM

Well, actually i already know about that... but i need to have it in the mirc, without help of user... can use netstat > file.txt then read from mirc the file... but isn't as fast as i need... isn't there any other way? frown thanks a lot for helping wink
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