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Posted By: gabrielevans10

Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 12:49 AM

How the heck do I program dailogs?
is it like:

; Main Dailog
Dailog config {
title "//::\\ Configuration //::\\
Posted By: KoRn18

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 01:10 AM

use DialogStudio by dohcan
Posted By: gabrielevans10

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 01:18 AM

Thanks! smile
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 04:14 AM

And if you wanna understand what you are doing:

Posted By: CyBot

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 08:10 AM

Er, Dialog Studio should only help you, you should try and understand the code so that you can make your own dialogs by hand and make them more complex than dialog studio can. (I've used Dialog Studio and some things just can't be done on it...) !
Posted By: gabrielevans10

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 04:39 PM

i know.
i preview the code.
i've still gotta script/program my own
on *:dailog:sclick:10:{
ect., ect., ect.
Posted By: KoRn18

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 06:16 PM

you misspelled dialog 100% of the times u mentioned it, and in this code also... and youy didnt add dialog name:

on *:dialog:DialogName:sclick:10:{
ect., ect., ect.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 06:37 PM

You have made numerous errors, make sure to check the id of the button is actually 10, most people that are fairly new to dialogs also make that error.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 09:13 PM

what cant be done with dialog studio? .. and no im not tryin to be smart assed im just curious.
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 09:20 PM

I have never used it, so Iwill not stake any claims on the accuracy of this, although I wouldn't mind knowing for sure, but last I heard is that DS is nice and all for creating the GUI layout, but the actual code that makes the dialog work still needs to be done manually.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Dailogs!? - 01/09/03 09:25 PM

yes ive used it for several dialogs .. its alot quicker to make things align nicely to the eye .. granted yes u do have to add all of the on * stuff but still i can create a dialog like this in a matter of seconds

dialog away {
title "D3m0nic Away"
size -1 -1 131 102
option dbu
icon images/D3m0nicChaos.dll, 0
button "Away", 2, 5 70 38 11
button "Back", 3, 46 70 38 11, ok
box "Enable Options", 6, 5 4 77 49
check "Msg Log", 7, 11 18 36 10
check "Pager", 8, 11 26 30 10
check "30 min Auto Away", 9, 11 34 56 10
check "Msg Block", 10, 11 42 38 10
check "Away msg Broadcast", 11, 11 10 71 10
edit "Away-Nick", 12, 32 55 50 10, autohs hsbar
text "Away Nick", 13, 4 56 27 8
button "Stats", 14, 86 14 37 12
button "Advertise", 15, 86 29 37 12
button "Help", 16, 86 60 37 12
button "Get This At", 17, 86 44 37 12
icon 18, 92 74 27 25, images/D3m0nicChaos.dll, 0
button "Save+Close", 19, 5 85 38 12, ok cancel
button "SL33P", 20, 46 85 38 12

granted its a simple lil dialog menu but to hand code that all to work the way i wanted to would have taken severly longer. and ive not found anything in DS that i have needed to be added to make this layout ... yes its nice to also fine tune your stuff manually but to get the layout this way is so much easier for me
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Dailogs!? - 02/09/03 04:06 AM

Well, the hard part is the actual code anyway. If you can only create the GUI, I'll stick with mirc and my eyes.
Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: Dailogs!? - 02/09/03 03:15 PM

yes there are several ppl who feel the same way as u do. and thats a great thing. me personally i have trouble just seeing an end result in text, to me i find DS invaluable whereas u may just see it as a kinda in the way program, to each is own i guess. i think DS would be something that a newer scripter would use the one who is used to writting their dialogs from scratch, and you are correct the actual control functions are the hardest part, but i dont think one can actually create something that writes all the control functions for u ..... that would seem more like a program creater or a dll maker (LOL) instead of just a helpful tool to speed the process along.
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