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Posted By: danimoth

Colours - 30/08/03 08:47 AM

Has anyone noticed this?

in the old mIRC versions, you could go ctrlk24 which, would do a yellow, u would use that, because if u did a ctrlk8 $+ $1- and $1 was 2 or something, it would effectively be ctrlk82

Now, in this new version of mIRC you can't go above 15.. and ctrlk8 $+ $1- where $1 is 2 for eg. still does a ctrlk82..

Anyone else see this, and how can i fix it, and no, i'm not removing the $+
Posted By: Jerk

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 09:00 AM

Use double digits even if the color is < 10. Ctrl-K + 08 instead of Ctrl-K + 8
Posted By: Skip

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 09:01 AM

also, sort-of-related: does anyone have a weird ctrl+k 16 ? mine looks like a cross between grey and teal.
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 09:04 AM

mine is black
Posted By: Skip

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 09:15 AM

I took a screengrab and got the colour from mspaint (so its good for something after all :P) - my ctrl+k 16 is RGB 6250303 (63,95,95)
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 09:45 AM

6250303 isn't a valid RGB code. RGB is a hexadecimal 6-digit code
Posted By: Propogater

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 10:06 AM

What he ment was, if you do //ECHO -ag $rgb(63,95,95) it will return that value.

I also get black tho', could be some setting or maybe you have simply modified the RGB values of the different colours. Another answer could be that you are using a MTS schedule.

That's what I had to say smile

Posted By: danimoth

Re: Colours - 30/08/03 10:24 AM

ah cheerz big ears.. (Jerk)

na seriously though, thank you.

In relation to >15 (16+) it is your 'Normal Text' Colour..
i found that out..
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