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simple clone

Posted By: Spoof

simple clone - 29/08/03 10:36 PM

/cloneuser {
echo @clonescan Clone Statistic For Nick $1
window -ei @clonescan
var %i = 1
while (%i <= $ialchan($address($1,2),#,0)) {
echo @clonescan $ialchan($address($1,2),#,%i)
inc %i

This is my simple clone scanner it work but onli on my nick
Can you tell me why ? And how to make it to work for otehrs
Posted By: Propogater

Re: simple clone - 29/08/03 10:46 PM

Type //WHO #Channel and /IAL ON before you do the clonescan, that will make sure your ial is enabled and all the addresses are updated. I assume the reason it only works at your nick is because the script can only find your address.

Posted By: Spoof

Re: simple clone - 30/08/03 12:03 AM

I found the problem.The direct using of $1 in $address cause troubles when i set it like a variable it is fine
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