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Posted By: Seigre

Dialogs - 28/08/03 05:43 PM

Hey guys.. I've taken to experimenting with dialogs grin

What I'm wondering is
- can dialogs be minimized to tray? how?
- any ideas for scrolling text (horizontally) in a editbox?

Cheers all
Posted By: LocutusofBorg

Re: Dialogs - 28/08/03 06:21 PM

2nd: start a timer that does a /did -ra dname id text. Start with writing only the last letter, then the last 2, the last 3, etc.
Posted By: Ancyker

Re: Dialogs - 28/08/03 09:10 PM

/dialog -mdei name name
Posted By: Seigre

Re: Dialogs - 29/08/03 12:32 PM

Ah! Thanks Locutus grin

What I meant Ancyker is minimize to the tray.. thanks anyway
Posted By: Seigre

Re: Dialogs - 29/08/03 12:53 PM

Sorry to post again.. but does anyone know of any tutorials on making track bars in dialogs too? Cheers all
Posted By: SnakeRulez

Re: Dialogs - 29/08/03 01:50 PM

minimize dialog to tray with systray.dll
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