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Uptime probs

Posted By: andymps

Uptime probs - 25/08/03 02:21 PM

i am doing a sys info dialog, but when i get to the uptime parts i want the to count as the uptime increases, so u put them on a 1 second timer, that was te easy bit, the hard bit is, how do i get it to display it in 0Weeks 0Days 0hours 0Mins 0secons
Posted By: Rich

Re: Uptime probs - 25/08/03 03:27 PM

$duration($calc($uptime(system) / 1000))

Or if you want to split it up:

var %uptime = $duration($calc($uptime(system) / 1000))
var %secs = $gettok(%uptime,-1,32)
var %mins = $gettok(%uptime,-2,32)
var %hours = $gettok(%uptime,-3,32)
Posted By: andymps

Re: Uptime probs - 25/08/03 03:39 PM

it works ty ty
Posted By: qwerty

Re: Uptime probs - 25/08/03 03:55 PM

Or just $uptime(system,3)
Posted By: Rich

Re: Uptime probs - 26/08/03 11:48 AM

Didn't think of that, or even better:
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