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Posted By: Infernal_Demon

fonts - 25/08/03 12:41 AM

I have this in the section of [fonts] in mirc.ini


Now the font is correct I have it set for tahoma size 8 and normal font size.

Can anyone tell me what is 411 and the 1 and how I can get my real values from mirc.ini please! smile
Posted By: Jerk

Re: fonts - 25/08/03 02:45 AM

I don't know how those numbers are determined but you can use $window().font $window().fontsize and $window().fontbold to get that information.
//echo -a $window(status window).font $window(status window).fontsize $iif($window(status window).fontbold,Bold)

Posted By: Infernal_Demon

Re: fonts - 25/08/03 09:30 AM

But can anyone tell me how to understand those numbers??
Posted By: qwerty

Re: fonts - 25/08/03 01:30 PM


As you can see, there are 3 comma-separated tokens in that string.

The 1st token is the font name (who would have guessed?)

The 2nd token contains the font size (2nd digit and onwards) and whether the font is bold (1st digit) information: the 4 in 411 means the font is not bold. If it was bold, this would be 711. 11 is the font size, as returned by $window().fontsize. The first digit can only be 4 or 7 in mirc.

The 3rd token is more mysterious. It represents the "Script" setting in the Font dialog, ie the selected character set. The available character sets and their equivalent numbers can be found here. The number in the 2nd column in that table (Code (dec)) is exactly this 3rd token.
Posted By: Hammer

Re: fonts - 25/08/03 02:31 PM

fstatus=<font name>,<font size||bold>,<character set>

The first value is the name of the font. The second value describes its size and whether or not it's bold or not. If the first digit is a 4, then it's a normal font. If it's a 7, then it's a bolded font. The second two digits describe the size of the font. The last value describes the character set you have selected for the current font.
ANSI_Charset          0  ANSI characters.
Default_Charset       1  Font is chosen based solely on Name and Size. If the described font 
                         is not available on the system, Windows will substitute another font.
Symbol_Charset        2  Standard symbol set.

Mac_Charset          77 Macintosh characters.
ShiftJIS_Charset    128  Japanese shift-jis characters.
Hangeul_Charset     129  Korean characters (Wansung).
Johab_Charset       130  Korean characters (Johab).
GB2312_Charset      134  Simplified Chinese characters (mainland china).
Chinesebig5_Charset 136  Traditional Chinese characters (taiwanese).
Greek_Charset       161  Greek characters.
Turkish_Charset     162  Turkish characters.
Vietnamese_Charset  163  Vietnamese characters.
Hebrew_Charset      177  Hebrew characters.
Arabic_Charset      178  Arabic characters.
Baltic_Charset      186  Baltic characters.
Russian_Charset     204  Cyrillic characters.
Thai_Charset        222  Thai characters.
EastEurope_Charset  238  Includes diacritical marks for eastern european countries.
OEM_Charset         255  Depends on the codepage of the operating system.

Posted By: Infernal_Demon

Re: fonts - 25/08/03 06:16 PM

Thank you both! smile
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