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quick dialog question

Posted By: PHMinistries

quick dialog question - 02/01/03 06:55 PM

Is it posible to put a .gif or .jpg file into a dialog
does it have to be a .ico?
Posted By: Merlin

Re: quick dialog question - 02/01/03 06:58 PM

*sigh* -> type /help /dialog
You really should start reading the help file instead using the forum to let others write your script !!!
We really help you on your scripting problems - but we do NOT write your script.

Posted By: Hammer

Re: quick dialog question - 03/01/03 12:26 AM

If I recall correctly, an icon must be some form of a bitmap, extension doesn't matter. Frequently, you can use icons stored inside .dll or .exe files, as well as .ico or .bmp files.
Posted By: PHMinistries

Re: quick dialog question - 03/01/03 01:59 AM

i tried to look for that in the help file
but it didnt really say anything specici about it,
i was thinking its only ico
but you can do jpg to,
after what Merlyn said i tried to see if it would work,
but the help files didnt say a word about it
Posted By: Othello

Re: quick dialog question - 04/01/03 04:21 AM

THere are graphic programs where you can convert jpg and gif's into ico files one such program is Graphic's Workshop Pro which can be downloaded at web page
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