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Posted By: MTec89

???? - 08/08/03 03:06 PM

i am using serveral commands in my script, msg $active describe $acrive ect and so on
it wants to do all these commands on the first open network, instead of the one im on now...is there a way to fix that?
Posted By: theRat

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 03:38 PM

could you give us a little piece of code how to reproduce that?
Posted By: root

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 03:54 PM

I think he just means that if he has multiple connections open, he wants to know how to send one command to a network and not to the others, while he $active being from on a diffrent network.
Posted By: MTec89

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 03:59 PM

like this;
if i send this command from an sclick on a dialog;
/describe $active blkjnflddd
and $active is on [network 2], it will send the command to [network 1]
network 1 being the first opened network/status window
Posted By: CyBot

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 04:14 PM

I think you may need to use $scon(0) and /scid .
I think thats what you mean, if so try:
/scid 2 //echo -s Status Screen For Server 2
You wanted that right?
Posted By: MTec89

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 04:21 PM

im sure i can fit it some how, but
i //echo-a $scon(0) and got 2
then i did the /scon 2 thing and got
* No such connection id: 2
Posted By: pheonix

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 04:25 PM

$scon(0) returns the amount of connections open, not the connection id's.
Posted By: feud

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 04:28 PM

what you're looking for is $scid().. maybe $activecid
Posted By: MTec89

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 04:30 PM

the first network open is 1, the next is 5?
Posted By: MTec89

Re: ???? - 08/08/03 05:31 PM

ok i got it, thank you smile
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