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most networks accept the use of the op (@), the voice(+) and the regular user.

mirc has provisions for detectingthese three usermodes using $isop, $isvoice, and $isreg. Mirc ALSO has a function to detect halfops (%) by using the $ishop commad,

Here's my question: some networks utilize a special "+a" mode to make ppl an administrator of a channel (it is symbolized by a "!". Is there a way to detect this usermode with a command? (like "$isadmin") or is there a command to see a users modes in any given channel?
You can do a whois, and it should tell if the nickname is an admin or not. WHen you do a whois, it tell their modes.
It will still be a lot easier this is option was implemented, as with the ircX 'owner' (.) and many others I am sure are out there.
Perhaps in the next version a few of these will be implemented.
Problem with "implementing" such features is that when do you (or Khaled for that matter) decide what to implement and what not to? Obviously, it is impossible for Khaled to support every feature there is. And some networks have features that are totally different from what's specified in RFC 1459. Others may conflict with another networks feature (same mode used to signify different things, etc.)

As it stands, mIRC implements a lot of features that are network-specific. I'm sure if there is a proper demand for it, Khaled will consider it in the next version. If not, then you can always script around it for the time being.
You can use $nick(#,nickname).pnick and see if if ! is part of the nick.
True, but what is easier

if ($left($nick(#,$nick).pnick,1) == !) { blah }
if ($nick isadmin #) { blah }

Indeed. ConferenceRoom supports the userop - prefix, which $nick(#,nick).pnick picks up.
Bah, late post. Anyway, $left($nick(#,nick).pnick,1) may not always return !.. it could just as easily return @, which I believe comes first.
But why should mIRC have to implement a new operator everytime some IRCd comes up with a new half-ass mode? I don't think it's too much to ask to expect someone to script an extra 20 characters or so to check this.

Frog - $nick().pnick returns every mode that mIRC knows that user has (the modes returned by /names and any that have occurred since you joined the channel) aswell as their nickname - no more or less than isadmin would be able to work with.
True, it would become quite tiredsome for a IRC Client author to have to update for IRCd usermode changes. But in a version for the future, it wouldn't hurt at all to just add them, there isn't a need to add new ones as soon as they come out, but when there is a lot to add then sure, why not? :-)
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