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Posted By: Snowfall registration - 13/07/03 08:47 PM
I had to reload mirc, and now I have this annoying screen popping up telling me about registering. I have a registration number, but no where to enter it. Help! Thanks, Vicki
Posted By: Poppy Re: registration - 13/07/03 08:59 PM
Just follow the instructions in the email that came when you registered. In mIRC, hitting ALT+H+R should work too.
Posted By: codemastr Re: registration - 13/07/03 09:18 PM
Or do it the easy way and just type /registration smile
Posted By: Poppy Re: registration - 13/07/03 09:20 PM
Doh! blush
Posted By: Prizm Re: registration - 14/07/03 01:08 AM
If I recall correcty, even if you uninstall mIRC, the registration values should remain in the Windows' registry. I think it's kinda weird how the values were not automatically retrieved when you re-installed mIRC.
Posted By: MTech Re: registration - 14/07/03 01:03 PM
maybe a format or somthing?
Posted By: codemastr Re: registration - 14/07/03 02:35 PM
Some people (myself included) will run a registry cleaner from time to time. A good registry cleaner will detect that mIRC is no longer installed and will therefore delete the registry keys associated with it.
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