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KT's mp3 player

Posted By: jejeje

KT's mp3 player - 13/07/03 06:10 PM

I noticed that certain bitrates (ie 320kps) are not played when I used your buildin mp3 player. is there a way to fix this?
Posted By: c0ldfusi0n

Re: KT's mp3 player - 13/07/03 08:35 PM

Welcome to KT's personal forum for people who can't figure out what's wrong with his scripts. Your input is important to us, please hold so you can keep your priority.

All of our representatives are currently helping other clueless users, please hold and we will be with you in a second. Thanks for your patience.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: KT's mp3 player - 14/07/03 02:44 AM

lol thanks c0ldfusi0n.. lmao

Anyways, i have heard users with plain mirc not having the capability to play 320 using just /splay so Im assuming its a mirc (or default media player rather)'s issue. I did not specifically script it to allow only < 320, so I don't see any reason why it would disallow it.

Just for giggle, see if //splay -m $sfile($mircdir, Locate mp3 File, Play) worls in the channel window. Select the file your referring to and see if it plays. If it does, then I'll need to look into my mp3 player, otherwise I'd have to say its up to mirc/media player. >:D
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