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Posted By: Jesper ON BAN { kick ..... - 21/06/03 06:02 PM
Anyone knows how to script this ?
I dont mean like straight out of the help file, I mean:

if someone bans *!*identd@host.domain, then this script should kick that/those nicks that are in the banned address...
where as mircs help file says its not possible, but Im sure it can be scripted, right ? smile

Note: These events only work on nicknames because the IRC server only 
sends the nickname of the user being banned/unbanned
and not an address. Also, IP addresses will not be matched against named addresses.
Posted By: Collective Re: ON BAN { kick ..... - 21/06/03 06:15 PM
Something like this?
on @*:BAN:#:{
  var %i = 1
  while ( $ialchan($banmask,#,%i) ) {
    kick # $gettok($ialchan($banmask,#,%i),1,33) Banned by $nick
    inc %i
Posted By: Jesper Re: ON BAN { kick ..... - 21/06/03 06:37 PM
Many many thanks smile
Posted By: KingTomato Re: ON BAN { kick ..... - 21/06/03 07:05 PM
That just abouts kills the "mute ban" possibility >:\
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