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Posted By: Prizm Getting dialog's icon filename - 09/06/03 09:44 PM
How can I check the icon filename loaded in a custom dialog?

This might be simple, but I'm not sure what the correct way to obtain this value is.

I'm guessing you need to use:

$gettok($did(dname,id of icon),2-,32)

If you just use $did(dname,id of icon), it returns 0 <filename>
Posted By: NightChillz Re: Getting dialog's icon filename - 10/06/03 02:47 AM
if u only want the filename, and not the ordinal name(first param), then yes your right, but the first param might not always be 0, so you may want to keep that in mind, for example, if you load an icon $mircexe 5, or $mircexe 4, they both load icons, from the same file, but two different icons.....just thought u might like to be aware of that if u werent already....
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