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Posted By: TECO Customize notify - 06/03/22 07:06 PM
Hi guys,
Is it possible for me to hide the default mIRC message and customize the message when no nickname is online?

* No one in your notify list is on IRC

Thank you!
Posted By: maroon Re: Customize notify - 06/03/22 09:57 PM
this happens when you do a /notify command, and there's no raw event 732 listing any nicks prior to receiving the raw event 733 indicating the end of the monitor list.

If your network doesn't have monitor enabled, you might need to look at your @debug window to see which is the other raw events involved
Posted By: TECO Re: Customize notify - 06/03/22 10:36 PM
On the network I'm connected to is RAW 603 and 607, but I can't hide the default mIRC message.
Posted By: maroon Re: Customize notify - 06/03/22 11:03 PM
This might be a job for ON PARSELINE to hide the incoming raw message
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