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picture windows question

Posted By: danielboom

picture windows question - 18/11/21 05:01 PM

alias draw {
if (!$window(@test)) {
.window -dpeo @test 300 200 500 700
.drawfill -r @test $rgb(20,20,27) $rgb(20,20,27) 0 0
%draw_y = 2
var %draw_chan $1
.drawtext -rn @test $rgb(255,244,175) Verdana 13 5 %draw_y %draw_chan
.drawtext -rn @test $rgb(125,249,255) Verdana 13 200 %draw_y - Height: %draw_y
inc %draw_y 15

i made a picture window (with the help of my friend EPIC) the question is in normal windows i use //echo -a $sline(@window,1)

how can i do on graphic mode?

Posted By: maroon

Re: picture windows question - 20/11/21 01:40 AM

If your question is how to select a line in a -p pic window, you can't.
If your question is how to echo some text that's been added to a -p pic window, you can't. There isn't really text there, there's just a bunch of pixels arranged to look like text.
The closest you could come to faking it would be for you to have another @window where you shadow the -p pic window, where each time you write to the pic window you also write to the normal window, which creates a place for you to get the line info from.
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