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write list channel

Posted By: danielboom

write list channel - 12/10/21 06:54 PM

raw 322:*:{ set %canales $2 }
raw 323:*:{ writeini c:\i\mirc\report.rts %canales | halt }

I Dont know how i did wrong any comments?
Posted By: maroon

Re: write list channel - 12/10/21 08:16 PM

You're not saying what kind of error message you're getting or the performance is not as expected. This helps people help you.

Though in this case, it's obvious that you're not using the correct syntax for writeini which can be seen at 2 places:

/help /writeini
Posted By: danielboom

Re: write list channel - 12/10/21 11:57 PM

saves only one channel , thnx
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