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* /set: invalid parameters

Posted By: _entropy

* /set: invalid parameters - 19/09/21 05:34 AM

This doesn't work: //var %d = 10 | set -u $+ %d %variable TRUE
* /set: invalid parameters
Posted By: maroon

Re: * /set: invalid parameters - 19/09/21 08:05 AM

Try this:

//var %d = 10 | set $+(-su,%d) %variable TRUE
Posted By: _entropy

Re: * /set: invalid parameters - 24/09/21 02:16 AM

I know that... was wondering if that bug can be fixed...
Posted By: Khaled

Re: * /set: invalid parameters - 25/09/21 02:41 PM

That is how the order of evaluation works in the scripting language, from left to right, although there may be exceptions in some contexts/commands.

You can normally control the order of evaluation using [] brackets or $+(), as shown in maroon's example.
Posted By: deVilbaT

Re: * /set: invalid parameters - 25/09/21 03:25 PM

Diffenent works for /scon -a (or at-1) set % $+ n1 . You can allwas learn $+([,<text>,]) or .timer true [ $+ [ %yes ] ], etc. Should try.
Posted By: Wims

Re: * /set: invalid parameters - 25/09/21 05:57 PM

This is in fact related to /set needing not to evaluate the %variable name, I've actually described this on wikichip as well as other variables related quirks: https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/mirc/variables
It's not related to evaluation in general, just related to variable commands etc.
In addition to the qurik listed in the link, /var has a similar quirk where it won't work if the parameter is not starting with a variable, "//var % $+ name value" correctly sets %name, but "//var $+(%,name) value" won't, interestingly enough, if such an assignement fails, other assignements will work: "//var $+(%,name) value,%var value" would set %var correctly.
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