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mute addon

Posted By: danielboom

mute addon - 11/09/21 11:17 AM

alias audio {
splay -w c:\i\sonido\cuac.wav

alias f1 { .echo -a 0,1Sound/Play Mute | vol -vuw1 }
alias F2 { .echo -a 0,2Sound/Play On | .vol -vuw2 }

its work but the problem is mute the all system of sound

any help?
Posted By: maroon

Re: mute addon - 12/09/21 05:21 AM

This is a case of "doctor my arm hurts when i move it like this"
If you don't want your arm to hurt, then stop moving it. If you don't want the /vol command to affect the master volume level, then don't use the -v switch. Per /help vol

"If you use the -v switch, this sets the master volume on your system."
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