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Posted By: danielboom On start windows replace - 02/08/21 09:15 AM
on *:start:{
//window -lke+d+b @chaco-corrientes 61 59 571 247 | halt
//window -lke+d+b @chatunidos 61 59 571 247 | halt
//window -lke+d+b @gay 61 59 571 247 | halt
//window -lke+d+b @gay_la_plata 61 59 571 247 | halt
//window -lke+d+b @la_plata 61 59 571 247 | halt
//window -lke+d+b @gay_la_plata 61 59 571 247 | halt

i want change the original chat window , any help?
Posted By: Epic Re: On start windows replace - 02/08/21 03:15 PM
Are you sure this should work when your client first starts up? What windows will your client replace if they are not already open at the first start?
In addition, there is an error in your example in setting the switches. Switches with the "-" and "+" sign must be separated by a space and they perform different actions with the inner part of the window and with its outer shell.

Could you describe in more detail what you would like to get and what result you expect from the created script?

More information is needed. It is advisable to describe the entire process from start to finish. Feel free to write a lot of text in your post.
This will help get into and think over all the details more thoroughly when creating a likely script for you. If of course there will be a possible solution to your problem.
Posted By: maroon Re: On start windows replace - 02/08/21 06:04 PM
How do you want the "chat window" to behave? It looks like you're trying to create a @custom window that appears to have the same nick as someone's nick who has queried you, though even if the window appears to be named "TheirNick" it is actually named "@TheirNick".

If so, what you're doing would require intercepting all incoming queries, then checking if a @window already exists that's named similarly to the incoming nick. If not already existing, you'd need to create the @window. Then you'd need to echo the query message into the @window.

Doing something like this won't work for connecting to multiple networks, because you can't create the same window name @nick at 2 different networks at the same time.

If you're really wanting to just make the query messages be styled differently, then that can be done inside the existing query window.
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