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bot ban

Posted By: Warrigal

bot ban - 21/02/21 01:58 PM

If a bot unbans a user would someone have a small script that I could put on an mirc bot that automatically resets the ban

Bot1 sets mode: -b fllwshp!fllwshp@
Bot2 sets mode: +b fllwshp!fllwshp@

Thank you
Posted By: New_One

Re: bot ban - 21/02/21 06:02 PM

here is a simple script , put the name of the bot you want on BOT1 and the bot2 will alway put the ban wich is removed from bot1

on *:UNBAN:#:{
if ($nick == Bot1) {
.echo $chan unBAN by: $nick > $bnick $banmask
.ban $chan $banmask
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