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Posted By: Knappen

mdx - 04/06/03 10:17 PM

Does anyone know of a tourtual to use mdx.dll? And where I can get it?

Posted By: codemastr

Re: mdx - 04/06/03 10:33 PM

Google is your friend! Searched for "mdx tutorial":
First hit: http://www.mircscripts.org/users/pr0nking
Looking on the top right I see "MDX tutorial":
Posted By: Ic3flamez

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:12 AM

not really, but i was searching for The HAnging Gardens of Babylon, i got 20 sex sites in a row. that freaked me out a lil. please do not flame me.
Posted By: Prizm

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:23 AM

lol, now that's funny. grin
Posted By: codemastr

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:31 AM

WARNING: the above sites contain artists drawings of 100% REAL nude plants! Thats right nude plants! If you are not 18 years or older, leave now! You'll look at these pictures and say "wow look at the leaves on that one!" And "man those Babylonians really knew how to make some hot looking gardens!" and "Man I'd call THAT a wonder of the world!"

I dunno, maybe I use a different Google than you do, but those are the first 3 sites I got back, doesn't look like porn/nudity/sex to me.
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:33 AM

Posted By: Prizm

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:34 AM

18?!? Should be at least 21 to look at nude plants!
Posted By: codemastr

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 03:38 AM

Well most governments allow the nude plants to be viewed at 18 because that is art. But don't worry, some regulation does exist. For example beastiality i.e. bee-on-plant pollenation is regarded as just plain wrong, you get caught taking pictures of bees pollenating a flower, and you can expect to spend a few years in jail (and rightfully so)!
Posted By: The_Game

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 06:42 AM

So which Centerpiece* Of The Month is your favorite? I like the one with the long stems the most grin

*Note: Centerpiece as in table display...

And do you think that they are hydroponically grown to be so perfect? LMAO You know there may some people in the world that have plant fetishes and may feel the need to weed-whack the garden so to speak...I just feel sorry for the poor fool that has a thing for cactus plants LMAO

Sorry I thought I would add my sarcastic-smartass comments as well...for those that may be offended "My Bad!"
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 07:31 AM

they must have a strict one-ounce of miracle grow diet to look that good. confused How do they do it...
Posted By: The_Game

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 07:36 AM

That may be it too. lol
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 07:41 AM

that fith plant has a way with photosynthesis that can really turn a person on. :tongue:
Posted By: The_Game

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 07:48 AM

Nah...but you're reply is a tad freaky though LMAO...your not by any chance one of the few people with plant fetishes are ya? LMAO ---sorry I couldn't resist not saying it though LMAO
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 07:58 AM

leaf me alone >:\
Posted By: Poppy

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 04:17 PM

/me laffs as The_Game stalks KingTomatoPlant. (sorry)
Posted By: KingTomato

Re: mdx - 05/06/03 06:25 PM

Us tomatos take offence to people admiring our green leaves >:\
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