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On Join/Part Flood

Posted By: JaNaB

On Join/Part Flood - 16/11/20 08:56 PM

I need to have simple remote loop for KICK+BAN

1) Mass join for 2 or more nicks with in 1 second ( seconds may be change as per need)
2) Join/Part flood if nick joins/parts in 1 second (seconds may be change as per need)

Ban time at least 30 mints so IPS can be automatically killed
Posted By: JaNaB

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 17/11/20 12:44 PM

Any good suggestions ?????
Posted By: Epic

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 17/11/20 04:37 PM

Please tell me, with what why are you not satisfied with the "Join/Part" flood protection script that I wrote for you earlier in this post? #Post268006

If something does not work there or you need to change something, write about it here in this thread.
Posted By: JaNaB

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 18/11/20 06:09 PM

hello , it does not work for those who join and part at the same time however it is useful for maximum joins per second as per requirement , Please write down which can also stop join part as well ....
Posted By: Epic

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 18/11/20 07:00 PM

Please specify in more detail in an expanded form and preferably with examples, what actions do you want the script to perform to protect the channel?

Did I understand you correctly that you want to count the total number of different users who made "Join" on the channel, so that upon reaching the maximum limit, start the destruction of all newly "Joins" to the channel?
Or is it necessary to specifically track of violators who have exceeded the "Join" limit?

Some "IRCd" have good channel modes for this, but if necessary, i'm i can do so that on the desired modes automatically turn on for a configurable number of seconds to protect the channel.

For example: "/mode #channel +mMNR"
Posted By: JaNaB

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 18/11/20 07:48 PM

* hAHHAHAA (~rzifp@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
*hAHHAHAA (~rzifp@ has left #abc

* asdfsdfdfffff (~fpz@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
* asdfsdfdfffff (~fpz@ has left #abc

* Hokokokokoko (~fpz@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
* Hokokokokoko (~fpz@ has left #abc
* Hokokokokoko (~fpz@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 2

* Hokokokokoko (~fpz@ has left #abc HERE IT APPLIES BAN

i have applied max 2 join in 1 second ... more if if i do it as 1 in 1 it kicks innocent users ... let me know if i can make it more better ???? secondl point which is important it only counts IPS if there is Mass join and does not kick users with different IPS becuause it counts as 1 and does not kick them

* Aaaaaaaaaaa (~hpid@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
* JJJJJJJJJJJJJ (~zsgxs@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
*CCCCCCCCCC (~hmqmz@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1
* IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (~jfbp@ has joined #abc
JFLOOD: >>> = 1

Yes are using IRC mode +R but when cannot control flood we apply +R but you know when flood is more keeping +R restrict un-reg users to join the channel ....I just to want to kick and ban such flooder and avoid to apply +R

I hope you understand my point
Posted By: maroon

Re: On Join/Part Flood - 19/11/20 06:22 PM

For your final example, it's good that it doesn't ban anyone. From human analysis, I can guess that these 4 are the same person, since I can see a pattern in how someone created the 4 nicks. However, as far as a script is concerned, these are 4 different IP's, so how's it supposed to know to ban them.

As for +R preventing unregistered users entering the channel, YES that's the whole purpose. The vast majority of users affected by +R are either people you don't want in your channel, or they're good users who don't have their client configured to have a long enough interval between identifying their password to nickserv and attempting to auto-join a channel. So when the channel becomes +R, their join attempt fails because nickserv sees the password after they try to join it.

The solution is for the 2nd group to fix their problem, rather than clutter the channel with attempts to ban the 1st group. In one of the recent mIRC versions, it added a little gap before autojoins, or you can see /help /autojoin -d<NUMBER>

There's a limit to how many bans can fit in the channel's ban list, so eventually you need to clean out older items before you can add new bans. Also, by random chance it's common for a 'good person' to happen to join shortly after another 'good person', but what you're wanting to do is create a ban in that situation. You're also wanting to create a ban when the server recovers from a netsplit and everyone on those servers finally is re-connected to the channel.

If you do have a +R mode, I think there's another channel mode which you can use to redirect the user to another channel rather than just having the join failure
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