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One reply only? How?

Posted By: Incandescente

One reply only? How? - 23/06/20 11:51 AM

My very simple script is as follows:

on *:text:*:?: /msg $nick where are you from?

Now, I need this script to run on one and only one ontext event, per each query. In other words, I want this script to reply only once.

Does anybody know how do I do this?


Posted By: maroon

Re: One reply only? How? - 23/06/20 06:03 PM

if you want it to happen as someone opens the query window, then you can use the ON OPEN event which also includes the text of their first message. if you want it to trigger even if they type into a query window that you opened yourself, then it would be more complicated to track whether someone has previously said something into an arbitrary query window.
Posted By: Incandescente

Re: One reply only? How? - 23/06/20 10:58 PM

thanks! works great
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