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ok.....here's one

Posted By: quartz

ok.....here's one - 12/05/20 10:52 AM

I've tried combinations of [ ]

/set %dirget f:\dir\folder\sub\MAIN

(this directory has 5 sub folders)

//echo -s total $dir_t(%dirget,1)

alias dir_t {
set %dir_t $+ $gettok($1,1-5,92) $+ $count($1,\) $finddir($1,*,0,1)
echo -s return %dir_t $+ $gettok($1,1-5,92) $+ $count($1,\)

the /set line, gives me

%dir_tf:\dir\folder\sub\MAIN4 5

which is fine

the /echo line, gives me

return f:\dir\enc\sites\ACLS4

which isn't right, I want it to return "5" -- it's forgetting the %dir_t part

Posted By: hixxy

Re: ok.....here's one - 12/05/20 01:27 PM

echo -s $eval($+(%,dir_t,$gettok($1,1-5,92),$count($1,\)),2)
Posted By: quartz

Re: ok.....here's one - 12/05/20 05:35 PM

mint, gracias.
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