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pvoice issue/bug or it's just me?

Posted By: colt45

pvoice issue/bug or it's just me? - 01/04/20 03:19 PM

I have this
pvoice 180 #CHANNEL $nick
but it's gave voice approx 15-20 sec randomly. I thought it would wait 120 sec (2 mins) before giving user a voice. What am I missing?

mIRC help isn't clear to me .. unless I'm missing something?
/pvoice <delay> [#channel] <nickname>

Works the same way as the /pop command except that voices a user.

Thanks in advance
Posted By: Khaled

Re: pvoice issue/bug or it's just me? - 02/04/20 09:02 AM

The pop/pvoice delay parameter was added long ago when disconnections were more of an issue. The purpose of the delay option is to stagger op commands so that they are not all sent at the same time. The delay is limited to a maximum of 15 seconds (versions.txt 24/10/1995 mIRC v3.72) and is randomized based on the number you specify. If you want to delay it for longer than that, you should use /timer. I will be updating the help file to clarify the purpose of the delay parameter in the next version.
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