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twitch audio command

Posted By: kirtym

twitch audio command - 01/04/20 02:09 PM

so i made a mirc bot in glitch.com so i was wondering if anyone know how to make it so when u type in a command such as !hi it will play a specific audio i been search online for quite some time but i didnt find it so i was wondering if anyone here can help me smile
Posted By: KubosKube

Re: twitch audio command - 07/04/20 09:05 AM

/splay -cwmpq [filename | stop | pause | resume | seek | skip] [pos]

You can try "/help /splay" in mIRC to get more info.

Assuming you're using Glitch.com as a script editor, and running the scripts locally on your machine, you just need to know the filepath and filename of the sound you want to play.

Let's assume you want to play Laugh.mp3, so you just need to know the filepath. Let's say you copied the sound file into your mIRC folder and placed it in the folder named "sounds", so your filepath would be

$mircdir $+ sounds\Laugh.mp3

Then you just use /splay...

/splay $mircdir $+ sounds\Laugh.mp3

I've never heard of Glitch.com before, but assuming it's just an editor for mIRC scripts, I thought I'd bring up MSL Dev, the mIRC Script Language Developer.
[Click here to get it for Windows or Linux]
It's a very robust and colorful editor, with it's only shortcoming being that it hasn't been updated since 2013, but even then, I still use it today.
Posted By: twiz

Re: twitch audio command - 21/04/20 09:03 PM

You'd probably want to use to use the queue parameter (q) if its a public command too
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