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Help anti flood

Posted By: cookiemac

Help anti flood - 12/02/20 02:36 AM

Anti Flood not working, help me
making every script not work


on *:TEXT:*:#mychannel: {
if ($nick == mychannel) {
if (%floodcommand) { return }
set -u600 %floodcommand On
else {
var %b = /(foi 2.|foi 4.|foi 6.|foi 8.|foi 10.|foi 11.|foi 13.|foi 15.|foi 17.|foi 19.|foi 20.|foi 22.|foi 24.|foi 26.|foi 28.|foi 30.|foi 31.|foi 33.|foi 35.)/Si
if ($regex($1-,%b)) { timer 1 2 msg $chan !roleta 1 b
timer 1 90 msg $chan !roleta 2 r
timer 1 180 msg $chan !roleta 4 b
timer 1 270 msg $chan !roleta 8 r
timer 1 360 msg $chan !roleta 16 b }
Posted By: maroon

Re: Help anti flood - 12/02/20 04:13 AM

You don't have matching pair of curly braces, so it swallows the rest of the script in its search for a match. Sometimes the imbalance is caused by one of the braces touching another character which changes its meaning, but here you literally have 5 open curly braces and only 4 closing.

It also looks like you're missing some code, because it doesn't make sense to have the 'set' line in between the "if (%floodcommand) { return }" and the "else". Also, the $true condition ends with a 'return', so there doesn't need to be an "else" on the line below it.
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