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Reputation score on connect

Posted By: Orobas

Reputation score on connect - 04/01/20 12:41 PM

With the new unreal 5 series now released, they have introduced a reputation score when you whois a user...

I was wondering if there was a way of seeing this without having to whois as part of a notice..

I am using a snotice code atm for an output to a named channel and just wondered if someone can tweak please to include this rep score in there
on ^*:snotice:*:{
  if (is now a isin $1-) {
    window -nek @StatusNotice
    aline -hp  @StatusNotice 4 $+ $1- at $time on $date
  if (Client connecting isin $1-) {
    window -nek @Connecting
    aline -hp  @Connecting 4 $+ $1- at $time on $date on $network
    msg #mastercontrol 6CONN $4 at $time and their ip is $6
    CTCP $4 Version

Looking at debug @debug... reputation appears as raw 320 however this is shared with another information line ...
<- :this.irc.server.international 320 Sleeping_On_The_Job Sleeping_On_The_Job :is using an IP with a reputation score of 3234
<- :this.irc.server.international 320 Sleeping_On_The_Job Sleeping_On_The_Job :is a Services Administrator
I just want the "reputation score of 1234" to show on a seperate line so we end up with,.....

[12:21] <Titan_Bot> 6CONN rascalDan at 12:21:25 and their ip is [] with reputation score of 1234

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