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Help plz maroon

Posted By: An0o

Help plz maroon - 25/12/19 12:38 AM

I have been banned from mirc chat and cannot enter mirc
Is there a way to break that ban?
As the ban on my hard disk not mask ip
Note that I can enter the chat from the web site, but not from the Mirc program
Posted By: maroon

Re: Help plz maroon - 25/12/19 06:24 AM

If this is a channel i'm in, and i'm also in that channel, then use the web gateway to enter the channel and call my nick, and i'll hear an alert if i'm at the keyboard.
Posted By: An0o

Re: Help plz maroon - 26/12/19 01:22 PM

Ok you need the name channel?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Help plz maroon - 26/12/19 09:50 PM

Based on your answer, it seems neither of us knows what each other is talking about. I thought you were talking about a channel named mirc that i was in, but now it seems i probably don't even know the name of the network either. And I probably don't even know whether this is a ban by the network or by only 1 channel. If you don't want to say the network and channel name you can send a private forum msg
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