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Help please

Posted By: pipo

Help please - 02/10/19 12:36 AM

Everywhere in my scripts I was changing the to from Radiomusicbox to Channel-X but now I no longer have room management.
Anyone have an idea what that script is and what could possibly be wrong?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Help please - 02/10/19 02:58 PM

Before doing anything further, make a copy of your scripts or any file you change.

What do you mean by 'room management'? You mean having @ op status? You're saying you made changes in multiple script files, and you want us to tell you which one you made the mistake in? Are these channel names? because those usually begin with a "#"

If you change everything back to the original name, do you have 'room management' back again?
If room management involves the network granting you @op status, there may be an access list for a new channel which you haven't been added to a list.
If room management involves right-clicking on the nicklist, it's possible for those controls to be in one of your scriptfiles or in popups.ini, which hasn't been changed correctly.
If room management includes something in address-book, you might need to edit one of the menu interfaces which causes control.ini to change. Don't assume that editing one of the .ini's like mirc.ini or control.ini is something you should be doing. Maybe do a text search in the mirc.ini's folder and subfolders beneath it for files containing the old name.
You might need to add more detail to your question.
Posted By: pipo

Re: Help please - 02/10/19 07:16 PM

In all scripts I just changed the name from radio music box to channel X nothing else.
I can now no longer give or remove anyone @ and before that was possible.
I don't know much about mirc scripts that thought no harm could change the name.
I found a other mIRC on my external drive and there is he still radiomusicbox but cant give anyone example a @.
Posted By: maroon

Re: Help please - 02/10/19 09:57 PM

If you cannot give anyone the @ status, is that because you don't have @ status yourself? If that's true, then you need to find out how you were given @ status in the other channel, and get it that way. Were you given @ by chanserv or by another nick?

If you identified yourself to chanserv in order to get @ status, then maybe the new channel doesn't have the same password as the old one. Sometimes channels have a setting where you must be on one of chanserv's access lists before it will allow you to have @ status.
Posted By: pipo

Re: Help please - 02/10/19 10:28 PM

I have ~ owner off the room.
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