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Posted By: TroyL

Twitch Ban List - 27/12/18 04:11 AM

So say if someone is being racist in chat and I ban them, then that person goes to another mod and unbans them even though i just banned them. So how do I make a list where i type in the username that bans that person every second and that username gets added to the ban list to my bot. An example would be if i put "!ban <username>" so how do i go about doing that?
Posted By: maroon

Re: Twitch Ban List - 27/12/18 05:53 AM

So you're asking how to make a script that will fight for you in a ban-war against another mod? This will not end well. You're basically hoping that the other mod will get tired of unbanning the guest before your script gets tired of re-banning them. So the other mod makes a protection script to keep that user from remaining banned. To protect the channel from this flood, another mod will need to choose which one of the two battling mods needs to be banned, and might decide you both need to go.

Maybe try talking to the other mod, and if you can't settle it between you, someone might need to take the issue up with the channel owner.
Posted By: TroyL

Re: Twitch Ban List - 27/12/18 06:01 AM

i didnt really word that as well but basically im looking for a script that will keep banning someone. And no im not having a fight with another mod its just sometimes the other mods dont check logs and they unban without knowing the reason.
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