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Posted By: fue

Nick Completer - 12/12/18 09:02 PM


I'm looking for a Nick Completer. Have googled around but they are not uptodate.

If i write ex: nick: <text> it will be Nick <text>
Posted By: maroon

Re: Nick Completer - 12/12/18 11:12 PM

Just to be clear, what you're wanting is that if the first word of what you type is someone's nick followed by a colon, you want the colon removed, and a chevron symbol added between the nick and the text message?

If you type in a different upper/lower case than the actual nick, does that need to be corrected, or should that cause this substitution to be ignored?

Or am I completely mis-understanding what you want?
Posted By: fue

Re: Nick Completer - 16/12/18 03:19 PM

If a user named Adam in the channel.

If i write for example. Adam: Hi! mirc will write out Adam: Hi. i would like the nick completer to be like Adam Hi.

Hope i made it more clear smile
Posted By: Raccoon

Re: Nick Completer - 16/12/18 10:59 PM

Play with the On TABCOMP event, if you don't want to get sucked down a rabbit hole of rewriting mIRC's On INPUT behaviors.

You can examine the $editbox($active) and detect if the right-most character 'if ($right($editbox($active),1) == :)' equals a colon. Replace it with a goofy unicode chevron and /halt or /haltdef. Otherwise /return to take no special replacive action.
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