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Online Timer - Redundant Feature?

Posted By: Devo

Online Timer - Redundant Feature? - 01/06/03 03:08 PM

mIRC has a feature called the "online time". It is the 9th button along (I believe), and it can be set to either show "Time since last manual reset" or "Time since last connection". Origanally, $online used to contain the time depening on which option you chose. However, 6.03 has $online now fixed as a variable which tells you how long you have been connected to the specific server.

Does anyone know of the replacement variable which allows you to access the online time? I have mine set to show the amount of time spent on IRC in total, which at the moment is some 4700 hours, but there is no way I know of to get access to this number.

A search of the forums showed that one other person noticed the same problem, but peoples replys were no use as they seem to misunderstand the problem. Any help would be appreciated, although it looks like this feature could be on the way out frown
Posted By: Nimue

Re: Online Timer - Redundant Feature? - 01/06/03 04:22 PM

alias totalonline1 {
  tokenize 44 $readini($mircini,options,n1)
  echo -a $duration($calc((3600 * $5) + (60 * $6) + $7))

alias totalonline2 {
  echo -a $replace($gettok($readini($mircini,options,n1),5-7,44),$chr(44),:)
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