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Posted By: g00fy separate highlights into another window? - 10/10/16 06:55 PM
does anyone know of a script that would take all your set highlights from the mirc section like $nick etc and put who messaged you or what was said and where (ie channel wise) into a separate dialog window?

or how hard would this be to create ? I know some scripting but not enough to do this I don't think.I leave my irc connected a lot and I miss highlights fairly often because by the time I get back to it the chat has progressed way past the point of highlight.

thanks for any help
Posted By: Sakana Re: separate highlights into another window? - 11/10/16 12:45 PM

This will do what you're asking for


on *:TEXT:*:#:{
if ($me isin $1-) {
window -a @Highlights
echo @Highlights $asctime(h:nn:ss tt) : $nick // $network // $chan // Message: $1-
echo @Highlights ------------------------------------
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